YES! Onward to awesome things! Meet our new bike!

Huge Upgrade for SpawnAdventures!

We couldn’t more excited about our new ride. This thing was a needed upgrade and hugely broadens our ability to explore. It is a 2018 Triumph Tiger XCX. The motor is an 800cc three cylinder. A sweet sounding machine that puts out just the right amount of power. The frame and suspension is also an awesome design and all together it makes for a vary smooth and light weight feel. I have experiences a little off road in thing so far and everything about this bike felt so good. I can’t wait to change up the tires and really stretch out off road. This is a huge difference from our last bike and anything other than a logging road was real stressful on that thing. 660 lbs fully fuelled and thats without the gear, and a lot of the weight up high. The Tiger is over 150 lbs less and the weight is well positioned. Already had to pick one up and when I braced for a heavy lift, I was surprised to find and easy hoist up. Felt like nothing in comparison. This adds huge to the confidence level and bigger smiles.

We have actually already put 4000 k’s on it so far (it only took a few weeks) and the road ripping ability of that thing is so sweet. Did I mention it had a triple? When you have ridden twins your whole life and hop on a Triumph with a triple you can’t help but to have a huge ass grin. The motor has great power delivery which is expected, but the sound of the triple when you wind it up out of a corner is god damn beautiful. Aaron and I both felt that when Savage Cycles lent us one earlier in the year, and it stuck. Both of us were having sweet dreams of that ride. It was love and it was awesome to have my little buddy feeling the same way I did.

We couldn’t be more excited to see where this thing will take us.