What is SpawnAdventures?

We love the experience of traveling on a motorcycle. I have ridden long enough to realize that the passion for riding could probably only be understood by those that do it, and still not everyone gets it. No amount of YouTubing, reading or documentary watching will tell you about the real experience being behind the bars, sitting (or standing) and taking in your surroundings. The feeling of the perfect coordination of front brake, rear brake… clutch and down shift into a corner. Balance control and weight shift settling your self into a smooth tight corner. Throttle out hard but smooth like silk, its god damn beautiful. Now you throw in a cool draft from a nearby flowing creek, a sun rise creating the perfect light on crisp fall leaves, a dry road and a full tank of gas that will take you 400km in any direction for less than a good dinner out. Now there is only one thing missing… I have ridden long enough… alone… and realized that while I really enjoy the solitude, I need someone awesome to share it with, someone who gets it. Someone that understands that when plans don’t go right, you change them. When crap breaks, you laugh, then find a way to fix it. When you argue, make up, then laugh some more. The key is to stay positive. This is where Aaron comes in, the perfect riding buddy.

I have now ridden over 100,000km, and well over 25,000 of those with Aaron. We made the decision a couple years ago that if we are going to keep riding we need to find a way to be able to share it with our family and friends. We need to show everyone what we have been up to. From that point on we started to record ourselves with a simple little camera. No good equipment and no good skills equals no good videos. We realized that we needed to try a lot harder to actually pull off any decent videos. This year we made huge progress. Collected some key pieces of equipment and have been learning how to use them since. Our purpose is to create educational and entertaining videos of our unique experiences, and have a fun time doing it.

SpawnAdventures is exactly as it sounds. Adventures with my spawn (Aaron mainly). We travel on a motorcycle, get a crazy idea and discover where it will take you. We will share our journeys, and tell stories of the things we discover along the way.