We’re gonna be on cable TV!!! Thanks Shaw!!!

Today is a BIG DAY for SpawnAdventures motorcycle documentaries!!!
Shaw Cable Community Network has just confirmed it. Spawn Adventures will be on cable TV!!!
For any of those out there that know us, and for those that don’t yet. Aaron and I have been working hard over the last couple years dreaming, learning and collecting the necessary gear so we can share the unique experiences that the motorcycle brings. We had begun our video storytelling with our past motorcycle experiences, mainly our endurance ride to Alaska. These are humble times and we’re doing this for fun. Learning to use unfamiliar equipment and writing these stories is new to us. These initial episodes were an experiment, and our concept for a hopefully entertaining and inspiring show of motorcycling, adventure, people and places is something that grows with us daily. We are crazy surprised that our initial creations are being pick up and shared like this. Thanks SHAW!!
They are set to air a re-edited 30 min versions of our initial episodes that have been posted on YouTube. There will be minor changes with some additional content. Each episode is said to run for approximately 4-6 weeks. The episodes will continue as the initial story completes. From there we keep moving forward. We have started work on plans to expand our concept and have set our sites on Vancouver Island to begin with. We want to grow, and will try to do it out ward from our home here on the Island. We feel we need to properly complete past goals before we can move on. Exploring up the Island in more depth is job number one for us. We have some unfinished business and reaching the top of the island, Cape Scott has to be done first. We’ll find a way.
The show is set to air Tuesday June 11 at 6:30 PM. (That’s an awesome time too eh!)
Our YouTube episodes will continue to be posted. The 5th episode to be coming soon.