Victoria Roads are Worth the Trip Over.

Had a great time escorting Josh, owner of #Rubbersidedown Motorsport Clothing, around the lower island the last couple days. He had never experienced the lower island roads before. To say the least, I think he had a great time and wouldn’t be surprised if he calls me soon for a retake. Sweet dreams Josh.

Special thanks to #SavageCycles for the Ducati 950 Mulitstrata. Thats a great bike. Tell you what my take was of that bike some other time.

For those that don’t know, Rubber Side Down makes a variety of quality motorsport gear, for a variety of riders and custom fit to their needs. Very nice place to go for a properly fitted riding suit.

Funny Story. When we rode around Shawnagan Lake he told me he is running real short on gas. Turns out he was on fumes and when we had to pass by the closed lake side station and headed to the highway. He had to restart multiple times and it finally completely died as he coasted into the station. He looked pretty stressed but I had a feeling he would make it. We had a good laugh afterward.