TrailTail and a Touratech Rally, sounds like a fun time!

Yup, the location was enough to get us out there but the event itself was a great time. Plain, Washington. Not plain.

Aaron and I headed over to meet #TrailTail, who invited us to come over and join the party at the rally. Glad we said yes. Great trip there and great time with them all. That place was jam packed full of off road adventure riders and couldn’t have been in a better place. The scenery around there was awesome. I should have taken more photosand less time riding… na, not this time.

They wouldn’t let Aaron on any of the test rides of the KTM or Honda’s, bummer. Probably a good thing. I rode a Honda real hard on a gravel trail up to a corner and locked up and slid about 50′ on the Africa Twin right into a ditch and through the side of a bush and up the bank… hairy moment. The good thing was I kept it up the whole time! No shit, not quite sure if it was luck or skill, or the fact that the bike is pretty awesome. I drifted it sideways and slid when the weight was too much for the loose gravel and speed, ya, my fault. But just kept it going straight through the ditch, glancing a bush and up a bank. I leaned into the bank and rode it back down and out. The guy behind me couldn’t believe what he saw. The rest of the ride on the #AfricaTwin was a blast and for a larger off roader thats the one. I wasn’t as happy with its on road feel however, but it has its strengths.

With TrailTails hospitality we had a comfy stay in their trailer and were well fed and watered. Thanks for the good time guys.

We headed back through Washington traffic. Good things can come out of bad situations. We some how grouped up with a couple State locals and due to the stand still traffic at times we chatted and made a couple friends. They told us of some back routes to take and avoid the congestion. Awesome. They lead the way and the riding experience was so great I could almost compare it to lower Island roads. The scenery was gorgeous as we carved through mountain roads bordering farmlands and rivers.

At the long border line we also met a nice older guy on a URAL (#cloverdalepaint). Most of the time we pushed the bikes and passed time chatting the entire time. The line didn’t seem so long after all.

Its important to notice that these kinda experiences do not not happen in a car. The people we meet, and the shared passions bring experiences that make a trip, every time.