Things are crazy out there. Time to Focus on the Things You LOVE.

Waking to another strange day of stillness. Quiet house with equally quiet streets. Stress and worry potentially sneaking up on you as the covid-19 puts another wrench in regular life. Sitting down on the couch wondering what the day will hold I hear a gentle creek of a door then my daughter crawls on to my lap. Without saying anything her cheeky grin and glint in her eyes gave me an idea what was next… “Wanna go for a morning adventure on the bike Dad?”… I absolutely love this little chick.

The cool and crisp morning air fought back by layers of long sleeve shirts and leggings we headed for the usual TimHortons. A comforting place, Tims may not have the greatest coffee but always has a feeling of home for many of us Canadians… normally. Tossed to the curb, we are encouraged to exit the close quarters of the restaurant to the safer human distancing of the out doors. Adapting to change we found a different place to laugh, setting up a helmet table on the cold curb.

The little 125cc Honda Grom rolling my daughter and I further and further away than she has ever been on two wheels, we search for a fun experience with no destination in mind. Catching the morning sun over our city  you can’t help but to notice the real beaut’ of a spot we have here on the planet. The sounds of the harbour seaplanes become the only distractions to the stillness…scratch that… Lack of stillness thanks to my rambunctious co-pilot.

Furthering our way to unpopulated spots on our local tour, we intimately pass by our modern Blue Bridge and old world character of our down town core. Feeling connected with your environment at every moment, you feel the breeze, smell the sea and can almost reach out and touch everything your pass by on a bike. Teaching my young passenger to appreciate the details of the riding experience becomes reciprocal as her innocent smile and excitement points me in the direction of new things to appreciate myself.

A tiny tour ending at a little beach… or a fun and beautiful adventure ending at the glorious ocean. It really depends on how you look at it.

Thanks for helping me stay on the bright side CLARA.