The New Triumph Scrambler, I think Aaron is in love…

We decided to head over to the Bike Show in Abbotsford again this year. Ran into our buddy Dan and his son Dagan along the way. 

With the dreams of his first bike, Aaron got a chance to finally sit on the new Triumph Scrambler. I can recall the same excitement of imagining life with sweet new bike when I was his age. He has his sight firmly set on a Triumph and this one seems like a super fun choice. The smooth revving power of the Triumph twin on a frame and suspension built for far more off road than ever before. That thing looks like a blast for island exploration. 

Ran into a few other familiar faces, friends from the Island Motorcycle Company. Was nice to finally get to get to know those guys outside the dealership. Good folks I would say, and a lot funnier when not busy at work. 

We other wise enjoyed spending the day checking out the stunt events and all the impressive new machines out there today. 

This was a special year there for us. Never before have we went to the event to look and dream of our favourite bike, and have it waiting out side for us to ride back home on.