The LIRC. Our Kind of People.

A great local motorcycle club was exactly what we needed.

While Aaron and I have enjoyed each others company while ripping around on two wheels we definitely found that meeting like minded riders was good time. So we started to join a local riding club on rides. Our motorcycle driven experiences have developed into a completely different world than we could have imagined.

The times we have had with the Lower Island Riding Club (LIRC) has exceeded all expectations of what we would have expected. Great local riding, that are not just a slow group ride. We're talking corner carving, peg scraping kinda rides. Now that is not what we expected. Crap ton of fun. When we pull aside at some classic beautiful lower island spot or diner somewhere and hang around and chat there is a welcoming group of diverse riders. This is what I think I like the best. It seems everybody has such a different background, age and walks of life. Very few people even ride the same type of bike. This doesn't seem to affect anyone in the slightest. I see kind, funny, warm, loud and hard personalities.  I kinda see the odd collection of a family, born from their passions of riding a motorcycle.  I would have never expected when Aaron was born that I would have been so proud see him finding role models in a motorcycle club.