The Future of SpawnAdventures?

Were still riding and we’ve spent a lot of time this year putting some kilometres on some sweet new bikes. We even picked up a new one of our own. We weren’t planning on that, but when opportunity knocks you answer the damn door. We couldn’t be happier with that choice and the new Triumph Tiger XCX is like a dream come true. The trouble with the new bike is that it’s not set up like the old Honda and it’s gone take time to make it capable for the longer trips. That means electrical for heated gear, outlets for charging camera equipment and the power for the trailer, the list goes on and on. The trailer is a key piece of the puzzle. This and other things has caused some significant delays this past year, but were getting back on track and were super excited about next year. 

The very creation of these video stories has been an adventure in itself. We’ve been learning a lot and having a lot of fun doing it. Were going to be creating short videos over the coming months for fun, and as an exercise to grow our skills. There is no telling where it lead but we are going to follow our goals and step by step work towards conquering each one. Our next major goal is to finally complete our very first goal. 

In our first riding experiences we dreamed of taking the bike to far off destinations. The greater the distances and remoteness of the areas requires some significant experience and planning. Our first goal to reach the top of Vancouver Island seemed achievable and that became our first goal. We loved this trip regardless, but we fell short in many areas. Without enough time we weren’t able to venture off to explore enough of the awesome things the island has to offer. Without the right bike for the dirt roads, we had to mainly stick to the paved roads and it was a risk taking the sport tourer on the gravel. Without thorough research and planning we missed our goal and reaching the very top of the island became impossible. The road ended kilometres from the tip of the island and taking a multi-day hike was not part of the plan. We were not nearly equipped for that.  Fast forward a few years and we’re ready to take another shot at it. This time on the right bike, with a trailer. We’re going to take more time… way more time, and plan to explore our way up the island in four stages. Starting with the lower island. 

Taking our time and exploring our way up to Port Renfrew we’re going to make an effort to stop at local destinations and business along the way. Growing our video storytelling skills we plan to educate and tell the stories of some of the unique areas we pass through. The stories will grow beyond just us, and aim the focus on…that, this, them everything we find interesting and a story worth telling. Beyond Renfrew the ride will continue as we take “The Loop” a well known but beautiful paved ride across the mountains to Cowachan Lake. Then, north, where will continue to camp and explore some of the more remote areas of the lower island. Wrapping up this lower island exploration we will continue to the east side of the island and pass through Duncan and Cowachan Bay. 

The next stage will continue up the island from Duncan and head towards Tofino.  In the same manner, we will tell the stories of what we discover and details of local awesomeness. This may very well have an aeronautical involvement to it as our motor loving interests draw us towards the airplane. Linking in our adventure to the local Aviation Museum, we will be searching for crashed planes in the forrest and perhaps wrapping up this leg of the journey with a small plane ride around the mid island and Tofino. Maybe even a little surfing. This is sounding like fun to us already and can’t wait to get going on it. 

Stage Three, Strathcona Park. This park will likely be the focus of this part of the journey, but the Nanimo and Campbell River areas will not be forgotten, and we hope to have a little fun through these areas and give a little taste of the local environment. Strathcona is huge and getting into the mountains is our goal here. Moss, lakes, waterfalls, trees and caves. This park is an island gem, we want to share this through our videos and submerge into the outdoor vibe. Camp spots and gravel roads leading to who knows where, will show everyone when we get there. 

The last stage is the ultimate goal. We hope to actually reach the top of the island and the light house at Cape Scott this time. Campbell river and up, paved or unpaved roads. There is not solid plans on which route to take just yet. Were thinking the highway is just to plain to take on this last leg. With some research into the area we hope to find an interesting and different way to the top this time.  We hope to tell the stories of what we find and perhaps some of the long history of some of the areas we pass through. How we make it from the campsite at San Josef Bay will be a bigger question mark. It could be a serious hike, lots of people have done it. Doing the hike with a 12 yr old boy and a bunch of camera gear might make it impossible… we have a pretty fun idea however and with some help, it might be a blast!

We feel there is nothing more appropriate but to share our own back yard before we take off to the rest of the country. Beyond this journey we need to continue stretching our riding destinations. Our first goal on the bike was the top of the island. The second goal was across BC to the Alberta border and the third, the top of BC to the Yukon border. With these under our belts the next far off goal is the top, of the country. Returning to the vast routes of the north, we want to take the new road from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk. Exploring BC as we head north into the Yukon, the storytelling and exploration will continue. This may likely be unachievable to do in one long journey. To travel, film and explore we could be in for a impossible task if we want to do this well. Racking on huge kilometres and passing by everything is for endurance rides only. Our main goal is to share this way of traveling, and the county we live in, not to just get there. This is going to take time. We have some ideas however and don’t see is as impossible… it’s a challenge. 

Long term goal is East and the entire country… filmed or not we’re riding to the Atlantic Ocean. We love our country and the idea of sharing all the great things along the way would be like giving the entire country a gift. If only everyone could experience the world on a motorcycle. Wish us luck… we’re gonna need it.