The Covid Escape Machine

Getting us out to some cool places with no one around, this little boat is the perfect tool for keeping Covid safe.

Last minute idea to try and stuff the boat into our small utility trailer and skip across land to a new area, we launched from a parking lot and beach at Island View park yesterday.

Limited time with limited light, we passed by the small island beaches with the disappointing “Private” signs on them to a marine park called d’Arcy Island. Cold but not freezing, we’ve learned ways to stay comfortable when exposed to the fast flowing air, and just as useful as on the bike we’ve been wearing our water proof motorcycle gloves and riding goggles.

Unknown shores and unknown beaches comes also with unknown hazards just below the surface and our love for skimming just off land gets us a little nervous with surprise rocks poking just out of the water further out than you’d expect. Careful goes it… were still not packing a second prop.

Secluded silence. Always usually exploring the areas and hiking around, when we do stop and just sit still for a second a place like this is incredibly silent. Just birds and the ocean and a cloudy day sunset. So BC and so good.