She is 3 and she gets it!

Ok. Now this isn’t something about Aaron and I on the search for adventure somewhere. But it involves our other spawn experiencing a moto experience worth mentioning.

The beauty of young minds is that the world to them is yet to be explored. Where a mature rider may find the local hills to be full of beaten trails and and no place to find an adventure. To the young innocent imagination they are filled with wonder and excitement.

Today I took my daughter on her first ride on a motorcycle. The neighbourhood roads to her was a great adventure.
The real awesome thing is she totally got it. The first thing she was yelling as we pulled up the driveway was “this is so much fun dad!!” I was thinking, yup it is. Then she said with great excitement “let’s go really far!!” No shit, she said that. And I was thinking, well, ya, I feel the same. As we burned up Rhoda lane at the end of the street in a giggly kind of voice she says “we need to do this every day!!” ……….really. My god, this little girl was built for me!!
This bright and funny little ball of sunshine is 3 years old. Her name is Clara. And I am proud to see that she has found the joy of the motorcycle already.