SHAW TV – Episode 3 (My Favourite)

This episode follows Aaron and I through to the final kilometres on our journey. Reaching Hyder Alaska and completing our endurance IBA challenge. Exploring the stunning glaciers was definitely a highlight of visiting this area and an experience we will surely never forget. We then continue north to the Yukon Border. This becomes our first camp experiences of this trip and we found the freedom of this way of traveling to really set in. The ability to be a self contained traveling team, to ride the long day, or decide not to, and find a nice spot to set up and make it a home for the night is what make this such a enjoyable experience. To be able to do this on a motorcycle leaves you feeling very close to everything around you and its all these things are what makes this way of traveling so exciting.

With the brief stop through the edge of the Yukon we continued south and on into the beautiful Northern BC landscape at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Honing in on a camp site we found a spot and set up. Not knowing what nature had in store for us we loosely set up the tent and hung out around camp basically chilling out in the freezing cold lake. Its amazing how quickly the weather can change up north like that and it sure shows our inexperience in these rugged areas of BC. Surprised by a lightning storm we quickly tucked away what was necessary and hopped into the tent expecting to calmly ride the thing out. While the NorthFace tent held up really well and everything stayed dry, it was the wind that came in so fast and ripped out the lightly pegged corners.  The lightning came in right on top of us and the fear of a nearby tree being stuck flowed through our imaginations really scaring the crap out of Aaron. It was a moment where we felt quite helpless, and realized that there is really not a safe shelter to hide in, no vehicle to jump into and ride it out. A experience none the less and we grew from it.

The following day was looked forward to and at this point of the trip we were very settled in and relaxed sitting on that thing and taking in the experience of riding along. The following campsite was nothing special. A simple spot to pull the bike off the highway into the woods and get rest really. Expecting many camp night to continue we cut the night short. In the morning the journey changed. A simple move, and a simple stumble and that was that. Injuring my back was a painful experience but not the end of the world. In the end we rode the long kilometres to Dawson Creek  and thanks to the great choice of taking the additional insurance package, the rest of the trip was paid for. We honestly felt lucky. The fires south of us were a problem and a detour was likely necessary. While we were looking forward to these lower areas of BC we have actually travelled them many times before, and to miss those this trip was not a big deal. We had just completed our northern most journey and that was the real part of the trip we hoped to experience. We spent that time together and as we do so well with each others company, we had fun.

The plane ride home was actually Aarons first time on a plane. To add that in on the trip was truly a gift and I am thankful it turned out the way it did. In the end we did however feel cut short of the motorcycle trip and that has only further strengthened our desire to get out there again.