September Ride Night Recap

Descending upon our motorcycle meet up, bikes of all kinds arrive at a new location on the lower island. Recognizing many machines and their owners, it was easy to notice there some new ones as well. Welcome to Ride Night.

Another good opportunity for us locals to get together on a rare evening, this ride night had us adapting to the new riding season. Most of us prepped and ready for it, after a brief riders meeting we hit the road for a local circuit. Knowing good and well that our favourite roads are soon to be changing, it was nice to have a good dry burn through Munn Rd before the clouds spread liquid speed bumps across the remaining route. Adapting quickly to the conditions, we adjust our pace, however early in the ride it wasn’t the slick conditions rather regular gravel that sent one of our new riders on her side. Thankfully, no real harm done and she rode home.

Passing the moist IMC and over to Kangaroo, the lean angle straightens and the thoughts of touching a peg are long past as tar strip and road debris awareness become the focus of concentration. Only dampening the riding gear, the rain had no shot of spoiling the spirit of the ride.

“Get me a beer…wait…damnit!" An iced tea it is…(If only Aaron could ride me home.) A great place for good food and friendly service we gathered at Bucky’s Taphouse. Taking over much of the Pub, our small army’s presence of what resembles damp soldiers infiltrates the canteen with their heavy moto uniforms and helmets. Settling in across many tables, I do however regret the ability to catch up with many of the wide spread group. However, a good time.

Keep that insurance on, and see you all next time.