Riding gear for our kids is just as important as ours. 

For any one who has struggled to find safe and comfortable riding gear for their kids. We have to let you know about Rubber Side Down. These guys make great custom gear for all riders. And the best part is they can turn any of their riding suits into kid sizes as well.

This is where we got the riding suit Aaron (age 12) has been wearing for over 25,000 kms so far. Before that it was a leather jacket that was good for nothing, as we found out when we slid down on our old bike together. As a good crash test for all those out there riding with kids, let our mistake become a good lesson.  I had a classic riders mistake of not spotting the gravel on the road in time. Aaron was wearing jeans, this thin leather jacket, and always decent leather gloves. It seemed appropriate for the local ride. When the rear tire slid out we were tossed on our side. We slid a good 30 feet or so.  Aaron’s jeans took a surprising amount of abuse, but opened up and the asphalt chewed up his knee. The lack of elbow protection left him bruised but not too bad. It was the jacket that had such little strength to it and just gripped the road and slid up his chest, exposing his ribs like it wasn’t even there. There was a couple tears and a good hug but we were both ok…lucky.

In this situation we weren’t going all that fast. On bigger roads and higher speeds a surprise like this would have turned way worse with what he was wearing.

I looked very hard to find good touring gear for Aaron and found that I wouldn’t wear any of the options that are available for kids out there, how could I put him in something like that. Motocross gear, for how long and when you get to a place for lunch or a walk around Salt Spring Island do you want to wear all that gear, thats a pain. Women’s gear can come pretty small and is a good option, but not small enough for many and would you feel save or comfortable in a jacket two sizes to big?  There are some other ways to make due for the local rides but for anything else we have found the only option is a suit like I am wearing. Thats why I wear mine and I couldn’t accept wearing it without knowing that my buddy back there wasn’t at least equally protected.

Josh at Rubber Side Down is doing a great service to riders and their kids. This is why we have to mention them. Without them creating quality, properly fitted gear for all sizes of riders out there, the bigger and very little ones, people would get hurt unnecessarily. This is not to mention that wearing crappy uncomfortable gear only takes away from the ride. I don’t believe you would keep looking forward to the next ride if what you remember of the last one was the uncomfortable riding gear bothering you the whole time. That sucks, riding is awesome, you have to keep doing it. Find a way to fix it. Rubber Side Down is a great option for this. Josh there has a passion for riding and for creating quality gear for all riders. He is rare out there and we need to be sure guys like this always stay in business. We need them.

A big question I had, as will many other parents will, is… how much? Fund aren’t unlimited in most cases. The kid suits are priced same as the full sized ones, but at RSD that is real reasonable. My justification was that I love riding too much and I need to share this with them, and he has to be properly suited for the real journeys. This is really the only real option If you want to venture out of the neighbourhood. After all the kilometres Aarons suit is in great shape. (Just don’t let them play in it!) I bet I could sell it pretty easy and make back some of the cost when its time. We are actually looking to have a second suit made now, maybe even one for myself this time…

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