Race Rocks – With B

What a fantastic little adventure! Great Idea Brendan!

My youngest son Brendan spurred on a real adventure from his iPad, and the very type of experience we hoped this little Stryker boat would bring became real the other day.

Teaching me about the Race Rocks Ecological Reserve on his iPad, we then went about searching for its location on Google Earth. The crafty kid then tracks the kilometres on the water from our house with the ruler tool and we were able to calculate our fuel needs. About 30 kms away hugging the coastline and it was totally doable. The mission was set.

Tracking the rain on a radar phone app, we were way too eager to wait for the perfect day. Prepared as we could be with extra fuel, water, food, warm layers and rain gear. Extra things like a warm blanket, small tarp and first aid pack along side the regular boat safety kit were there if things got worse than we expected. We were prepped and ready, waiting for the downpour to pass.

As the last drops fade a 30 second Grom ride to the end of the street and we were launched.

The calm channel leads us past familiar sites as we ride the boat as fast as we dare go with a 5 knot speed limit... and the harbour patrol always present.

Reaching open water in almost perfect conditions the little motorcycle sized boat skims smoothly across the water as we intimately become part of our surroundings. We quickly put on the rain gear and settled into the adventure.

Ocean scenery and Navy presence go hand in hand in these areas, however no one was able to protect us from the surprise booming as a squad of Seagulls launch for an attack run. We were so close to getting nailed! Several of the SOB’s actually followed us!

“Don’t look up with your mouth open B!”

It was just off in the distance, and then there we were.

Such and amazing little outcrop of rocks. Race Rocks and the lighthouse is a beautiful place, but it was the seals and sea lions that were the stars on the rugged stage… and they were everywhere!. Like a fat dog, the sea lions lay there grunting, growling and coughing. It was such a sound.

So many of them slipping in and out of the water swimming all around you. If they weren’t sleeping they seemed as curious of us as we were of them. With their big heads all staring over at us we weren’t sure if we should be nervous or not. They were huge and like running into Buffalo on a motorcycle they could take you out in a second if they wanted to, so we kept our distance. It actually was very, very fun and a few of them seemed to want to show off. Two at a time the seals would look over and dive, then leap out of the water and then do it again. So Cool.

With danger in mind, it was actually the very strong currents that was our biggest concern. Like a strong flowing river we were constantly getting pushed around the rocks and precise boat control became key to staying safe in the area.

With every inch of the islands claimed by our chubby friends we stayed safely aboard the boat for as long as we could. The late afternoon adventure started pushing too close to dusk, and with heavy rain coming in fast we retreated for the day.

Surprisingly calm waters on such a stormy day the full throttle storm running trip back we reached our street landing wet but warm, and in a little over an hour.

As if the day was cramming as much beauty into the journey as possible, B was treated to a glorious rainbow to cap off the adventure. Lucky kid, you deserve it bud.

“This was a great little adventure... where to next B?”