Preparing For Adventure is One Itself.

Preparing for a motorcycle trip can be a challenge. Like a backpacker you need to pack smart, small and organized, there is no excess storage capacity. A bike is no different. Preparing a new bike to be up for the journey is also no small feat. Selecting the necessary components for safety, bike durability, convenience, comfort and other necessities takes time. Now add the complexities and needs of camera, sound/lighting/media storage equipment, solutions for the constant demands of charging batteries and the task can become daunting. But not impossible.

Reaching to realize a vision and a dream is bound to be difficult, not many can see what you see, and so support can be hard to find. Even with unlimited funds it would be hard to push forward. Energy, motivation and the drive to continue is a struggle without the support of family and friends. Luckily we are wealthy in that department.

Budgeting is always and issue. Everyone has limits, and this has also been one of our greatest challenges. Needs begin to out way our ability to fulfil them. We are self funded and do this for the passion for creating, exploring, challenging our selves, and sharing a way of life that many may not be aware of…but mainly…we do it for fun. Discovering that we can’t do it alone we reached out and searched for help.

Rejection and dead ends are a very common occurrence. This is expected as we are young, but the rollercoaster of emotions you experience as you find hope… then nothing, becomes a sizeable weight at the end of a day. I wasn’t prepared for that. All you can do is keep looking and focus on what really matters. Bit by bit we found ways to connect to people and companies that share our passion and have an understanding for what we are trying to achieve. Emails become friendships and grow into small sponsorships. We only searched out companies that we thought highly of and so to speak highly of them in return will be an easy task. We believe in them as well.

Pecking away at a list of to-do’s we are now able to offset some of the bike preparation expenses and check off some others on the list. Working our way laterally, safety and navigation are on the top of the list as well as the all important video equipment needs. A large section of our plan this year is set in the mountains.  No cell service. Relying on only a phone for GPS could be a troubling mistake. Picking up a decent GPS will be necessary. Along with that, safety is a concern with us traveling on our own. At many times there will be no way to make contact in an emergency. A solution will be needed for that as well. Camp gear we have collected through out the previous years, so were pretty set in that department. The biggest need there is skill. We are not by any means pro explorers or seasoned bushcraft woodsmen. Relying on creativity and ingenuity…we will figure some stuff out, but will likely solve most of our problems with carefully selected outdoor gear. We will make it by and find solutions as we go, if only we could pack a chef in there…cooking is a lacking skill as well.

With the bike and its mechanical needs, the variety of camp/cooking equipment and personal items for two, its a lot to manage. Now, add camera equipment. Cameras and mounts, mics, batteries and cables. Lighting, stabilized camera rigs, tripods, a drone and storage drives… and the means to power and charge them. My god, and I have to do this with a kid… Preparation and organization, there is no other way, and thats where were at, for the moment.