Performing Exactly Like We Expected.

Versatility, safety, and the reliability of solid construction. These were a few things that our new boat had to have when we were searching to replace our old one. With out these we would never have the confidence to head out on a day we know is going to turn rough at some point. Our goal is always to search for a new experience, to find new places and to do it often. You can’t do this waiting for the perfect weather window, the boat can’t be the limiting factor. We’re ok with toughing it through the rough moments, the boat has to do the same.

The other day things got hairy for a while. Started nice, then turned ugly, but at each moment we realize how much we appreciate the Stryker design of the LX320.

Launching at any beach, the adventure begins from anywhere. Exiting the busy beaches you can’t help but to feel fortunate to able to leave the crowds behind, especially these days. Off the coast of Vancouver Island, and today searching the edge of our Canadian waters we use the boat in exactly the way only a boat like this can do.

With fewer limitations than most, we beach it on a receding tide, exploring a vacant area and campground. Time passes, and what would be a land locked boat if heavier, is simply lifted and shoved back into the water.

Continuing around the island, a long sandbar stretched a shallow ridge across the short cut route. With the motor lifted and in inches of water we floated across using the ores, easily shortening the lengthy go around route.

For us, the idea is to explore, and when your curiosity takes over you can’t have your equipment limit you. Spotting the further most island next to the American border we needed to check it out. A big rock of an island, there was no possibility of a regular soft beaching. Thanks to the Stryker design with the thick protection rubber strips on key contact areas of the soft hull, we just dragged the thing up on the barnacle coated rocks. Protected in the tiny cove from the wind and the waves we had no worries. Exactly the kind of thing we search for, it was a strange and interesting experience on the remote grassy rock with a stunning view and lots and lots of nests.

Returning the way we came the clouds darkened and the rain jackets were quickly put back on. High winds picked up fast and four to five foot swells enveloped our route home. Smashing and blowing over the starboard side we were treated to a tasty salt water hosing every few seconds. The brave shipmate, much younger looking than myself, however, in it for the fun we seem to share the same age on these adventures. Grinning in the gnarly conditions we also shared the same confidence in our small craft.

Pounding and beating into the waves, everything onboard was strapped firmly, including ourselves. Clung tightly to the ropes surrounding us and feet hooked firmly under the lower ones we were well attached and as stable as the inflatable design in these conditions. Slowly making our way through the worst of it, it eventually smoothed slightly and behind another small island we yanked the drain plug while under way. Self bailing, it removed the many litres of water swamping the boat.

No further photos were taken past these. Far too wet for that camera, will bring the waterproof one next time.

Being prepared on a day like this is key to having a good time. The right safety gear on board and personal protection against the weather is all vital, but it all started with the right boat.