Makin’ a Big Splash

A little more water can make it a little more interesting in the mountains…

For late November, the riding is still just killer out here on Vancouver Island. Holding off till a little later in the morning, the rain died down and we were super eager to get off road.

Heading out with another big bike buddy, I met up with my furry friend for a trek to find the Secret Lake (that’s really the name, not dramatizing. (Although the next description is a little overcooked.). Rippin’ up the west side of the island we awoke the sleepy streets with our fuel stoked inferno’s, madly pumping pistons into a flurry of explosions. 😉

Making our way onto the gravel tracks we splash along through the many puddles noticing a lot more water around than last time. Small streams and little water falls where there was often none. A bridge crossing opened our eyes to what challenges lay ahead.

Flowing creaks now gushing rivers, our sought after Lake was on the other side of a known water crossing or two.  Not far down the road we were stopped dead in our tracks. Taking a good look and realizing the water was likely to fast and too deep to consider the attempt, a couple 4x4 Quads pulled up behind us, reassuring our decision to scrap the route.

Grabbing the cell phone I spotted a line on a map that seemed to cross some mountains to a main Fire Service Road (FSR) that would connect us to the other side of the island. Crossing another bridge over fast flowing fluids we made our way through the soft or sometimes very rocky active forestry areas on our route to an intersecting point on a map.

To anyone who does this kinda riding you would know how this feels. Mild temperatures, blue sky and clouds on a damp calm day. The occasional more technical spots keeping you alert and focused on only riding, a good place for a mind to be. A quick glance around at the scenery as you notice this rugged nature is actually a pretty amazing sight. Then you keep on riding, and exploring.

Alright, burn out break… and lets not forget about the wheelies. Oh ya, and I finally I got a photo of me making an almighty splash! Should have thrown on my rain gear for that one, damn it I got soaked.

Finishing of the rougher stuff with a real butt clincher, I had watched my KTM riding compadre calmly head down a serious slope with a pretty quick creek at the bottom. I’d never taken on a hill like this. There is no short route around it, and there was no way he was making it back up. “Breath… and Go!” Back brake almost useless, it locks almost immediately as I slide down the hill. Feathering the front brake I am thankful my bike has an offload abs helping me out. Here comes the creek… quickly… spot the big rocks!  There ain’t no slowing down! Get in it and feed the power… “Holy crap I made it.”

What a way to finish off the days ride, I was sure I was gonna eat it. From there on nothing but some calm FSR’s and some sweet windy roads leading us home on our paradise island.