LIRC Volcano Tour – Day 1

Get up and get your ass ready, this is going to be good.

With our local riding club again, opening their arms and encouraging a great motorcycle experience, we were definitely on board for this trip. With some key people making it happen (you know who your are!) this trip was a well organized and successful effort. The plan was simple. Rent a large cabin in the Washington, MT Rainier area, and fill it with riders. Keep them well fed and then let them explore some of the best riding they will ever experience. Now what kind of person would dream up an idea like this...clearly someone awesome and with a riders heart, and... might have a beard... We had no idea what epic riding were were in for. This was amazing. 

4 am and the sound of a cell phone alarm, buzzing away. There was no time to hit the snooze. The excitement of the trip occurring the night before, we were well packed and ready. Get up, make a coffee, then get your ass to the ferry. This was the Coho Ferry this time, more time was needed for the check in with passports before the boat ride across the border. 

We were accompanied by several riders from the LIRC, equally ready to get the week long trip going. Loading up the bikes and strapping them to the walls, we headed up the stairs to what seemed like a floating time capsule. This has to be the most original ferry in existence, straight out of my youth on ferries, this ferry would have felt old even in the 80’s and reminded me of those days. We settled into the dark brown vinyl seats around the golden laminate table and started the many discussions to come of route planning. 

Port Angeles arrival and the discovery that 4 inches of chain slack on one of the bikes might be a little bit too much… Quick roadside adjustment. That could have been trouble.

Following the leader, we all headed down the inner coastal route toward Olympia. At a quick pace we carved the windy routes and navigated the traffic as best as a group of that size can. With a couple looking for a gentler pace, some spit to meet up later.

The inevitable fate of the journey, we were lead into strait roads, traffic and heat. With us all feeling the oncoming effects of heat exhaustion a good break in the shade and a cool drink helped settle the frustrations of traveling through populated areas. 

Without any idea of where we were on a map, we followed the pack. Better roads and traffic to follow after our first meal together at a diner. Not a pub, as we were rejected from the first stop due to the accompaniment of our young rider. Everyone was happy to comply which became a proud moment for Aaron of the loyalty and acceptance of him into the group. You are definitely one of us bud, your only missing a few years and a bike. This became a sad reality for him later in the trip as he opened up to me in a helmet com conversation. He just wishes he was an adult so he could hang out with us in adult conversation and ride next to us on his own bike. These being dreams of my own, I assured him he has a place with us now, and will in the future as well.

Arriving at the cabin we explored our new home with many rooms and even more beds. A place to sleep and eat, this will be home base for a riding vacation. A perfect location at the base of Mt Rainier with Mt Saint Helens a good ride away. We explored the area, just don’t look to the local river for a good clean swim. A shower and early night, the best days were yet to come.