LIRC 5th Anniversary Loop Ride

With all the unexpected things that happened on the day, one thing seems to remain reliably predictable. The LIRC is still a great riding club. Bringing riders together for 5 years now, this day was an exceptionally memorable experience to share with our growing Island family. 

With the previous day winter climate smothering the island with an epic downpour, it surely took some bravery from all the 19 riders to make the plan to hit the road the next morning. The crew prepped for a soaking, we faced a stark contrast to our expectations bringing a real positive vibe to the morning. Sunshine, broken kickstands and a dead battery, taking on one surprise at a time with a grin.

Myself, lucky to even be there,  my bike was in for repairs. The low voltage Honda 599 was a last minute loner offered the night before from a friend. Now that was a kick ass surprise, thanks again BTW, that thing was a blast! 🙂

Riders meeting and the discussion of the serious flooding threatening the many areas of the planned “Loop” ride. Take it as it comes, nothings stopping a great ride to Renn’y.  Riding up the coast I enviously recall the 8 bit reality of a retro game I experienced at Quazars the night before with my son.  Flying up the highway dreaming of blasting cars off the highway with my mounted canons… Damn reality.  

Following the original ride made by its founding members 5 years ago we, made the stop at the view point atop Sombrero Beach. Much different than that of years before, this lot actually once resembled some sort of war torn scene. Gravel and asphalt craters once littering the rugged plateau. A rough ride for many bikes, it is now turned into a smooth stop with a view.  Have a peek and take a leak. Now lets get riding.

Short rip to Renfrew Pub and probably one of my favourite lunches with the LIRC. I am not sure if everyone realizes what a great group of islanders we have here. Sitting at a table with friends and previous strangers, its a positive and open group. Reminiscent… or sometimes even better than many family gatherings, I look around at a group of strong, funny, kind and supportive people. Equally as diverse as the many bikes parked out side, we all have an understanding of each other, a riders mind exists within all of us.  

Down to business. Little red tickets floating around again. A few random draws for prizes generously offered by our local establishments. The Island Motorcycle Company ($50.00!), Action Motorcycles ($25.00) and SG Power (apparel) all contributing to the fun of our days event. Some gift cards and a cool sweater, thanks guys! 

Caffeinated and fed there is nothing better than having a bike and a little unknown mystery of where you will end up. A slight division of routes, some headed back the way we came, some headed for a dirty gravel loop and us few curious road riders decided to see if the flooded  “Loop” route was as impassible as it was so often mentioned to be this morning. 

Rippin’ on down the storm torn road to Fairy Lake we see the first problem. The lake several feet higher than normal, it had swallowed up sections of the road. Sport bikes, touring bikes, ADV and dual sports… Hmmm, we need a guinea pig… Stuart your up. Several of us bushwhacking riders on other ride days this was an easy one. Clean asphalt under the wheels was much easier than the rutted and rocky water crossings of tougher dirt days, this was just fun. 

An interesting change to the Pacific Marine Route, heavy streams littered the hills where there were often none. Ravaged road sections of fallen trees with large debris crossings of gravel, sticks and large rocks. Too much speed and you could find your self flying into trouble around the next corner. Like I said, it was an interesting day for the Loop. We even had a few snow flakes falling mid crossing. 

Later the route got fast again and with a grin and a wrist twisting hand signal I was given permission to let loose on the borrowed 599. Hell ya, see you guys at the next stop! 🙂

Bursting at the seems, Cowichan Lake was everywhere. Making our last stop at the Co-op we get our last chat in before hitting the various homeward routes back to Vic. Good riding with you guys. 

Every ride is a good one, an experience is what were all looking for. Adding to our lives on two wheels the LIRC brings community and ever expanding friendships to an already great existence of being a rider. You guys who created it and keep it alive kick ass, and I am sure I can speak for all of us when I say, “Thanks”.