January Ride Night

It was a ride night. We rode around and talked and stuff. A couple people ate cheesecake. Look at the pictures and you’ll figure it out...

Alright, I probably could have just stopped at that, but I think everybody has discovered by now I just can’t do it… I could probably turn a ride to the beer store into a few paragraphs…But really, there is often a couple things worth mentioning. 

This was a January ride night and there was somewhere around 15 riders and one pillion on a dark soggy ride night and I think that deserves a bit of an applause. I expected 4, and so was pretty impressed at the amount of bikes lined up at the Tims that night.

A night for a ride, and not really a rip, we toured together the long route to the QV diner. Langford meet up to Esquimalt Lagoon, Esquimalt Rd and over the Blue Bridge. 

Exactly what it was meant for, the meet brings on conversations of recent rides, bikes, parts and riding techniques. Often a great place to pick up a good tip or two, especially since there is often a class 6 instructor in the mix. 

With little random draw tickets floating around more often these days, the prize of the night was much more valuable than any gift card. A guaranteed experience at the now very popular Volcano Tour event. A limited capacity cabin at the doorstep to an amusement park, these were front of the line tickets. I believe the event sold out in a couple hours the following day. 

And that’s it, just hanging out. A coffee, a piece of cake and a few people like us. Riders.

Thanks J and C.