High Winds and a Failed Attempt

Searching for sea life, derelict navy ships and a remote sea side cabin we got blasted with high winds and waves this morning.

We'll make it next time , or maybe the time after that... It's a good time trying though isn't it B?

Again, getting prepped and ready for a storm, that part of the experience has its own fun parts but it still can't fend off the reality of fighting the rough water over the distance we planned. Suiting up in the rain gear and eager to give it an attempt we very quickly learned the limitations of the small craft.

Capable but not comfortable... or able to make any decent speed, the high winds and crashing waves sent us humbly turning around just leaving the mouth of the harbour.

Remaining in the safety of the harbour we checked out some local gems instead.

An adventure for another day. We learned one thing however... Don't bother asking if this jacket makes me look fat. It does.