Getting What You Needed

I would normally avoid a shopping centre experience, especially this year. But if you can fit it on the bike I’m your delivery guy.

Yup… the milk run or trips to the mall for back to school shoes…sure, take the kid. A mundane task made good. Fit the bike into the everyday I say, and on the weekends… buy crap thats far away!

So, here in Victoria spending most of the year at the bottom of our isolation rock, I discovered we had some needs to be taken care of. I need to roam more, and my wife and daughter had a few cold nights in the tent on a recent trip up island… So the other morning I had a plan.

“You guys need better sleeping bags” I said, “I’ll go pick some up” The response from my wife was something like “Great, thanks Honey. And maybe we could go out for dinner later?”. “Well” I said, “I may not make it back in time.”

Locating some great sleep sacks at Cabela’s in Nanimo, some simple online ordering for pick up and it was a mere 100km highway drive to get there… However, I kinda had a different route in mind. I’ll go left, then right, then up a dirt route I’m not sure of… pop out somewhere near Nanimo…hopefully. And that was the plan. Be prepared for any weather or small mechanical problems. Bring water, a bit of food and a first aid kit… “good, now GO!”

Questioning my intelligence, the great riding up the west side of Vancouver Island turned wet and slippery heading into Port Renfrew. “Good idea… or bad idea” I thought this several times… but this was a mission, the delivery has to be made. The truth is you never know how a ride is going to turn out, you have to see it through. Each part has its own experience to be had and depending how you look at it… they are all good, at least in the end good for you. Teased by the rain, I changed in and out of my rain gear several times before it ended for good, and just in time for the dirt.

On to the gravel roads passed Youbou. Familiar, but not very knowledgeable of all the routes, I find the phone and the many map apps will give you guide lines but not a route. Gates will dictate that. What you thought was the right route quickly turns into a left route and your direction goes the wrong way before it heads the right way, and then you’re left in what is hopefully the right direction... Perfectly clear what I needed to do… I’m a fast rider anyway. 😉

Ya… so I ended up in Port Alberni, a good 85 kms passed Nanimo. So… well of course I was pretty stoked. 🙂 Survived the marbles and mega quick random paved sections of the forrest and now I get to ride a nice route with rare, light to non-existent traffic. Pretty sweet ride for the most part.

Success. A warm and much appreciated NorthFace sleeping bag for my wife and a very girly purple and pink sac for the weird 6yr old girl creature. They were pretty pleased, although I think I got the best part out of the purchase.