Getting Dirty Among the Big Ass Trees – Short Video

SpawnAdventures and the LIRC. Proving to be a great combination.

The Beginner Dirt Ride. This was again a fun day out. The cool morning roads were cold but dry. Such a good rip up to the dirt. The chill time checking out the forests was great experience with the group that came along from the LIRC. What isn’t shown in the the video is the killer ride that followed lunch. While the lead group lost a lot of the group the ride and route was awesome. Its a tough situation when riding in larger groups. When the lead group is ripping off on a route that you don’t know you only have the choice to keep up or get lost. Its a bummer to leave some of the group behind, but waiting up isn’t an option sometimes. Communication systems would help solve this but those can be complicated and irritating to link up some times. Still, it can turn out to be a funny ride if your left with a great group of funny characters.

We weren’t really focusing on shooting video much, but we made an attempt to tell a short story of the day with what we have. Hope you guys like it. 

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