Episode 7 – Yukon and Beyond

Episode 7 Finally Completed!!

This is the final instalment of our first video series. It continues on the journey of goals we set out to accomplish. To reach the top of the province and then circle back down the east side of BC and see a part of our country we dreamed of riding. 

We discover the long traveling road of the Alaska Highway is a long road indeed. Not nearly enough twisties for our liking but a nice ride none the less. We experience the random extreme weather that rolls through the area, and later, a situation that ends our time on the bike this trip. 

We continued to make the best of the situation.  Glad I said yes to that extra insurance package. That sure did sweeten the experience.(It’s called the Touring Package, offered by Megson Fitzpatrick for any one interested.) 

The real lesson learned this trip is that it’s not the insurance, destination, type of bike or the best gear that will ensure a great experience. When you have someone with the right attitude to share it with, it’s pretty hard not to turn out, awesome.