Episode 6 – North to the Yukon

Episode 6

In this Episode we experience a few issues as we discover that small town can be pretty limited if you are in need of even simple things some time. A error on my part, I forgot to pack any extra oil. Didn’t figure that would have been difficult to pick up along the way. After finding some from a local we realized what an awesome place we live in and how a complete stranger took the time to find a litre for us. This is exactly the kind of situation that I hope to expose Aaron to. This is a vital part of being Canadian an I will continue to try to share these experiences like this kindness as a reminder to what are some of the important values here . I am sure we will run into a few more folks like this guy.

The journey continues from Stewart, B.C. and heads north to our first camp this trip. Heading north to the Alaska border.

I realize now, when creating this episode, how beneficial it is to have better camera equipment to tell a story. We were lacking some pieces of equipment on this trip and I look forward to growing our collection of tools, and improve our ability create these things.