December 2019 – Ride Night Recap

Well the best way to start this one is with a “Merry Christmas LIRC!”

Very merry indeed for those still with active insurance. Ole’ St Nick’s been bringing some early gifts of some seriously nice weather for December, making some of our riding days excellent for this time of year. December ride night was no exception. Cool but dressed properly and It was a pretty comfortable night out on a ride.

Meeting up at an uncommon location we gathered by another Tims. A fairly central, but dimly lit location, it served its purpose for the meet and start point for the nights ride. A good chat with our island neighbours and the receiving of a little red ticket… Whats this you ask? A few prizes left in the LIRC gift sack. A treat for the winter season riders with a draw to be held later in the night for a gift card contribution by Serious Coffee.

Zipping the jacket right to the top, and many with a scarf or balaclava. We headed out on another uncommon experience for a ride night. A chill paced ride towards the Uplands and a loop around the coast to the Beacon Hill Drive In. Quite a short and fairly direct route on this night. It was hardly reminiscent of the rides this past year where an enthusiastic pace and a spaghetti inspired route was the norm. A nice change however, and for us with our bike in for service at the IMC, we were thankful just to be there. With a perfect bike for this chill pace, the extended loan of a 1200 Triumph Bonneville from the Island Motorcycle Company was much appreciated. A smooth running classic Triumph experience, when riding this thing it becomes clear why so many people love these bikes. The motor is torquey, smooth as silk and runs with such a chill vibe, a nice change from our usual triple. An experience every rider should try at least once.

Meandering through the high end villas we coasted along the coast. A very familiar ride to many, the scenic route is definitely a good choice for a safe but still windy evening ride. (Sorry no ride shots tonight, too difficult on the Bonnie)

“Waitress… get me a burger and fries… and, a strawberry swirl cone… please.” Turning out to be a great destination for the ride we had the parking lot to ourselves, as well as the patio. With decent burgers and good friendly service the place pumped out our orders in a respectable time and gave us a great environment to hang in. A well suited place for all the riders and gear. With the heaters turned on specifically for our group, the environment and company was equally a comfortable temperature.

With the winning red ticket in hand our youngest member Aaron calls the winner of the draw and so Shaun here will be enjoying some extra tasty coffees, with the free ones always tasting even better. Thanks to Serious Coffee. That place has been a favourite of our for years, we only wish there was more locations.

Was good to see so many make it out, for the ride or just to pop in to the diner and say hi. If we filled the old diner in December i’m bettin’ we’ll be bursting the doors off that place come spring. Look forward to seeing more and more people making it out.

Be sure not to over do it New Years Eve and miss a great day in the dirt… or the street, with two rides planned for the 1st. Have a safe New Years everyone!