A Day in the Dirt with Dan

While Aaron and I have been working hard breaking in the new Triumph Tiger, I had still been kept pretty clean with only carving the thing around BC’s paved roads. I heard that thing is a solid off roader and would be absolutely shameful to not hurry up and test it on the dirt. This is on of the main reasons why we choose the Tiger. Its lightweight frame and screaming motor is awesome for the road, but it is also planted on a seriously capable and comfortable suspension. You combine that with stock bar risers and it has the makings of a very fun off roader. When you add the customizable off road settings which give it just the right amount of traction control and a well tuned off road ABS on the front, it could only result in more confidence when burning it around and surely more smiles.

When a new friend asked me if I wanted to take a dirt road mountain crossing route across Vancouver Island I had to say yes. So glad I did. The bike performed exactly as I would have hoped. We carved the winding roads on the way up to Sooke. While I prefer the feeling of the road carving experience on the Tiger XR, the XC and I (and Aaron) have ground the pegs in the corners several times. Still a great handler, but it was the dirt experience I was interested in this day and when we hit the gravel road and stood up I discovered the other Tiger personality. Comfortable and nimble. It was a light weight experience (especially compared to the old bike) and it felt like I was on a mountain bike… with a rippin three cylinder motor in it. My only complaint is the shit for off road tires I had on it. That thing was slipping around a bunch and if it wasn’t for the off road ABS I am sure there was a couple times I would have bit it going too fast down these baby shit declines.

Later on while filming, the high winds caught the drone and was tossing it into the trees. I was riding and flying and quickly stopped to take hands on control of the thing. Paying attention to the drone mostly my foot started to slip and the bike began to fall over. I was thinking oh shit, been here before. This is where I can’t recover it and let it drop. Probably pull my back out when I try to lift it like a dumb ass. Well… that was the old bike. This thing is so much lighter I just grabbed the bars and hoisted it back up. No drama. Now this is exactly why we needed this bike. The big bitch of the old bike would have surely sent me hurting for a few days over such a minor situation.

This day ended feeling pretty pleased with the new bike and the experience it gave me with a new friend.

This is a short video of the experience that day.