Been delayed lately…But for a good reason.

Take care of your Dad.

Life happens while your making plans. Spawn Adventures is a project that we will not give up on, but may get delayed at times. When you belong to a family things don’t always go according to plan, and when thing go wrong priorities take over. My Dad needed my help. 

I have spent significant time with him the last couple months and have been growing into a new era of our relationship. I have seen sadness grow into smiles and believe it or not I think we have the motorcycle to thank for a lot of that. We have been out on rides, and spending time together while experiencing the calming yet thrilling feeling of riding. He even bought a new bike! The smiles I have seen from him riding that thing are awesome, and even pushing 70 he was throwing that thing around corners and rip’n it like a boss. So proud to see him riding like that and having so much fun. 

Being that Spawn Adventures is all about experiences with your kids and motorcycles I had to mention this here. It just happens to be that I am the kid in this situation. 

Be patient if things are delayed from time to time, its for a good cause.