Avoid The Stinking Crack!

I found a nice solution that may help some of you out there. It’s just a replacement part really. Mainly this is directed at all the Triumph Tiger 800 owners frustrated with the cracked fairing panel plaguing way to many of us out there. I am sure I am not the only one since everyone I know who owns one has had one or both panels replaced, or is living with the cracks. I would recommend this simple replacement get top priority when amounting the wish list of accessories you want for your new bike. 

A horrible design flaw, I am assuming the signals were made this large to meet international vehicle safety standards. However some aftermarket products out there are smaller, brighter and better design. The Tigers have an issue that if the bike falls over, the large rigid construction of the lights punch a crack in the fairing immediately on impact. While some crash bars out there may be larger and protect this, the Triumph bars are kept nice and tight to the bike, which is great, but leaving the stupid signal lights to do all the damage on a tip over. 

With all the LED signal lights out there I found it difficult to find ones that fit the quality or look of the Tiger. Searching for something that looked kinda stock I found these Oxford Signal 7s. (I will place a link in the comments.) They function properly with the included resistor wired in. I would suggest not cutting any of the wires on the bike harness and instead take the connectors off the old signal lights them selves so the new lights will just plug right in.  Solder and heat shrink the connections to the resistors, mount and zip tie the resistor and loose wires tight. You will only be left with an additional hole where the stock light bolted through. I chose a simple plastic, screw type inner fairing rivet. (Triumph Part # T3701170) Covers the hole and looks like it belongs there, enough. 

The lights will then tuck inside the bars out of the way or bend and break themselves. Better than the fairing piece. I have since planted the bike on its side (several times) riding off road a bunch, and only once did I land on a rough bank that reached the lights good enough to break the rubber mounting piece of the light. But not the fairing, so all smiles, no big deal. 

The Oxford lights seem good quality and look it. Additionally, I like the side light that lights up. A bright, almost rear facing diode and lens that makes it real visible for cars beside you to see the signal is on. 

Anyhow, I hope this helps a few of you Tiger owners out there and any one else with a bike having similar problems. An other way to solve it is to move the light up an out of the way next to the head light, but that seemed like more work, doesn’t really look as good, but is basically free. 

Safe riding everyone… as long as safe riding comes after having fun and riding hard. 😉