August Ride Night Recap

Were all here on this rock, lets just get together and go for a ride!

With all the days passing by, and all the waves we pass each other. We often ride around on our own agendas. Taking the wave a little further, the organizers of our club take the time to try and pull this community a little closer together.  The LIRC ride night is a rare day to meet up and meet the folks behind the helmets. However, we also like to ride and so thats what we do. 

Grouping up at another Tims, the conversations ensue and the riders meeting takes place. 

As one group, we headed off toward Shawnigan Lake area with everyone to ride their own ride and decide on their own pace for the local tour. Stopping at a known spot in the hills, the key part was the stopping and almost slipped by one of us! Looked like gravel on the road almost lead to berry picking in the saddle… It’s a nice spot on the hill, but soon to be full blown neighbourhood. 

With the corners often too blind to pass, a respected move is to just chill and let it be. It will open up later. As it did, finding freedom in the familiar side road twisties, ending with some costal riding through Mill Bay. 

Meet you all back the the QV! Otherwise, see you around town!