Episode 5 – Reaching Alaska

Spawn Adventures Episode 5 – Reaching Alaska

Aaron and I are excited to share the latest episode for SpawnAdventures motorcycle documentaries.  In this episode we finally reach Hyder Alaska and complete our IBA endurance ride. We hope you guys like #5, we are especially proud of this one as it goes a little further in the direction of how we want parts of the show to be presented. We work really hard on these and only dream of taking it further every day. One step at a time. It took a while for this one (sorry), and we have been focusing on pushing our ideas further and reaching new outlets, like Shaw cable. Which the first episode will be airing on Shaw (Vancouver Island and parts of western Canada only) community Channel 4, at 6:30PM, every Tuesday and randomly in between.

We really appreciate support to continue to create these things. So, please SHARE it, LIKE (if you do) and we love hearing comments. The more we can get our stuff out there the further we get bit by bit. So, thanks to all those out there that enjoy watching our creations and continue to spread the word.

Thanks, and we hope you enjoy it.


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