Use Protection On Exposed Parts In the Bush!

The Oil Filter Guard

To all you Triumph Tiger owners out there who plan to take them off road or actually do, there is one simple mod that can help correct an XC_ 800’s design flaw. There might even be other bikes out there that could be saved from this few dollar upgrade as well. 

Don’t get caught with the same stupid looking face as I did… 😉 Its easy not to first notice it when you encounter this for yourself, but I guarantee the smoke screen your laying will get your riding buddy’s attention. Hopefully he’ll be quick enough on his horn before you pump out the last of the oil from the sump. 

Reach right in, reach right in… easy access for oil changes also leaves room for fist sized rocks. As you can see from my stock skid plate there has been a few that missed the target but eventually they hit a damn bulls eye and the bike ends up looking like it was dunked in a premium synthetic dunk tank… welcome to the carnival. Not a fun place to be 50kms into the bush. 

First solution its an aftermarket skid plate. Some of you guys know whats good out there, throw them in the Facebook comments and help some others out. I was stuck on availability issues, got used to banging out the stock one, then discontinued items. Plan B,  protect the biggest problem. 

Before you do your next oil change pick up an inexpensive sheet of perforated aluminum sheet metal. It’s easy to shape with a hammer and cut with a pair of snips.  Cut in a circle,  finger the edges and smack it to fit. It's a bit MadMax but will get the job done. Bond it was something like Chemlink M1 Structural Adhesive Sealant. (You’ll find it on Amazon pretty easy. It’s great for bonding lots of stuff.)

Simple as, and you’ll feel better with it there. Hope that ends up helping a few of you.

Goes without saying, but I still miss my bike...