Part 6 – The Mountain Pass

A Journey With An Old Friend and His New Licence. 

A BC experience with the Triumph Tiger, a Royal Enfeild Himalayan and a TrailTail Trailer. 

I apologize for the lack of quality in many of the photos. The camera had issues in the beginning of the trip and got worse as the trip went on. Many shots have been extracted from the action cam in order to complete sections of the story.

The great things about these ADV bikes is they are just as capable of leaning through the corners as they are at handling the off road terrain.  Mixing it up with a fun road section, I rarely even notice there is a trailer back there.  We burned our way to another mountain and a dotted line on a map.

With the trailer carrying all the heavy camp gear, food and water. I also lightened the load of a couple things for my buddy. Only the lighter things on the bike, tent shell, sleeping bags and mat, along with the various camera gear and bike maintenance tools and supplies. A traveling set up aimed at keeping the handling of the bike fun by keeping the things you need or insist on bringing, off the bike.  Trailing behind you it almost seems to disappear. 

This is my friends first motorcycle travel experience and so far he has been one lucky SOB. The connection of roads to off roads and back to roads again has been amazing so far. Traveling around this section of the province in this way is a dream ride for many and this is just the beginning of his motorcycle adventures. A good experience will keep you dreaming, and serve as motivation to do it again. A perfect trip will leave you satisfied.  I hope every trip gets a little messed up,  keeping you riding and searching to make that next trip even better than the last. 

Winding our way along and trying to keep position on the GPS at the same time, I misjudged our location and took a early left. Finding a road that said “Road Closed, Washout” Only made us more interested to keep going. Distracted by the curious looking route we kept going passing the washed out road and rough bypass sections. Taking a short break afterwards I realized what I had done. “Sorry man, wrong road”. Of course we didn’t really care, it was a fun detour anyway. Wishing we had time to connect this trail to the right direction we reluctantly turned back to find the intended road.

Looking at that little dotted line snaking back and forth across the mountain on the map, it also looked interesting. 

The most altitude I have ever climbed in such a short section.  By far the highest mountain in the province, it was however a good incline and would eventually lead us to Apex ski resort.  We climbed, and climbed, up the constant switch backs along the gravel road. Seeming endless, the moment the road straightened you would only see the beginning of the next turn, and on and on it went. Going up always more fun than down, I was glad we were heading in this direction. 

Taking the mountain route this time of the year was risky. Heading further and constantly on an incline we finally hit snow. On the wrong day this road would be covered, or currently getting covered with fresh snow. most of it at the edges of the road, we still felt an urgency to be sure we made it off the mountain tonight.  With rain in the forecast, it would be snow up here for sure. Cold but not cold enough for an icy road, we made our way along the slimy dirt route. Reaching areas where the snow has recently resided, the remnants of Fall, and the attempt to start Winter was everywhere.

An easy and fast passage past the resort and on to a dark paved roads and a windy back route to Pentiction. 

Far too late to start looking for a campsite, and far to close to a town to want to even start trying. We fuelled up and aimed our sites at a decent hotel and a warm shower. 

No matter where you wake up, it always feels like home hopping back on the bike. Another long day of riding ahead, we again decided to cross paths with another ski resort on our way to a long mountain valley and a gritty route towards Nakusp. To be continued…